Friday, March 31, 2017

Wonder Woman vs The Rockets - Original Comic Art

When I was six years old, the first comic book I read was Wonder Woman, and she's been my hero ever since. Beautiful, intelligent, and strong, she represented all the physical, intellectual, and moral ideals one could achieve, and it didn't hurt that with her long dark hair and blue eyes, I had a role model that actually looked like me, as opposed to all those blonde princessy types who supposedly epitomized loveliness (yeah, I know about Snow White, but she was waiting to be rescued, and Princess Diana did her own rescuing, thankyaverymuch). When you have a pretty blonde sister, you latch on straightaway! I imagine the little red-haired girls adored Batgirl in much the same vein.

Being of an artistic nature, I drew a lot, and one of my favorite subjects was Wonder Woman. Here I have used pen and ink and art markers on bristol board to depict her in a race against time, readying her unbreakable golden lasso to try to rope some hostile ordnance that has been launched against innocent targets. She has super-speed and strength, but it seems her work is cut out for her. Will she stop the malicious missiles in time? Well, of course--she's Wonder Woman!

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  1. Flippin' 'eck she can do anything! A magnificent piece of work, Ali. I had a thing for Batgirl by the way - and Catwoman, or Batwoman as an ex once called them when mixing the two up...

    1. Thank you! She probably did mix them up, but there's a Batwoman, too, so more to idolize :)