Monday, March 16, 2015

Batgirl + Wonder Woman = Wonder Bat

You may recall my last Hybrid Hero, Bat Canary, an amalgam of Batgirl and Black Canary, who was once my avatar and namesake for online writing. If you missed that post, you can see it here .

Today, we have a new character, shown here from a sketchbook page. I really should get her worked up into finished art as I have with Bat Canary, but the pencil version of her looks pretty good, I think, especially because her outfit has a lot of grey in it, anyway. Click on the picture to enlarge for best detail!

May I present Wonder Bat, a princess of Themiscyra who came to man's world and set up a secret identity as Diana Gordon, the police commissioner's daughter. Her Batplane is invisible and her Batarang is attached to the Golden Lasso of Truth. Her sleek grey bodysuit features a golden belt, stars, and bat-shaped breastplate, and she wears a golden batmask and wristlets.

I will probably make her dark-haired, like Wonder Woman, but if you like, you can also imagine her as a redhead, like Batgirl. In any case, thanks for checking out my work, and I hope you enjoyed it!

For a more traditional version of Wonder Woman, please see my artwork here:

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