Monday, December 29, 2014

A Portrait of The Cheetah, Wonder Woman's Fierce Enemy

Readers young and old of the DC Comics book Wonder Woman will know that The Cheetah has been one of Wonder Woman's greatest foes, spanning her entire career as a comics super heroine, which started in the 1940s during World War Two. The original Cheetah from that era was a wealthy, beautiful blonde socialite named Priscilla Rich who suffered from a mental disorder that made her turn evil when she was stressed. She would become The Cheetah, and she was an implacable foe.

Quite some time passed before another Cheetah appeared on the scene, but in 1987, a character named Debi Domaine appeared. Debi, who had long brunette hair, as opposed to the marcel-waved golden locks of Priscilla, was actually Priscilla's niece. Debi was a good person who was an active volunteer for green causes, and she originally meant Wonder Woman no harm. However, she was captured by Cobra, another major villain in the Wonder Woman books, and tortured until she was literally driven mad. Cobra unleashed her on the world, where she started performing acts of "environmental terrorism" that hurt people whom she felt were ruining the planet. She fell afoul of Wonder Woman, who understood her love for the Earth but who could not condone her practices.

Like Priscilla's character before her, Debi was actually quite a tragic figure. A good person at heart, she was driven by her madness to commit crimes that would appall her "normal" self. I have rendered Debi in her full Cheetah regalia, looking very snarly and kinda sexy (DC gleefully lowered the neckline of the Cheetah costume, even though the original showed plenty of cleavage) in mixed media (marker and colored pencil) on bristol board.. Enjoy!

Artwork is my original work. Click to enlarge!
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