Friday, May 8, 2015

Superman + Batman = SuperBat!

Another entry in my "Hybrid Heroes" line is SuperBat, whom I got from combining the DC superhero favorites Superman and Batman. As you can see, I have combined Superman's red cape (with scalloped "batwing" edge, a la Batman) and blue bodysuit with Batman's black spiky-looking gloves, black undies-on-the-outside (as opposed to Superman's red undies-on-the-outside), yellow utility belt (as opposed to Superman's plain yellow belt) and the famous batsignal. As well as the cape and the chest logo, the boots are a true amalgam, being Batman-black but with the Superman design at the top. Last but not least is the bat-eared mask, which I decided to use instead of the cowl so I could show the distinctive curl-on-the-forehead 'do of Kal-El (although Bruce Wayne has similar hair)!

SuperBat can fly, of course, and can use his super-hearing for echolocation. Not only is he invulnerable to bullets, he is also a skilled martial artist and has amazing powers of deduction. He belongs to the Hybrid League with Bat Canary, who we met earlier: and with Wonder Bat, a more recent addition: . Things are pretty batty in the Hybrid League!

Picture is my original artwork; mixed media on bristol board. Superman and Batman are trademarked characters of DC Comics, Inc, but SuperBat is my own invention. Click on the image for more detail!

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