Saturday, April 23, 2016

Original Comic Art - Silver Age Wonder Woman

I figured it's time to do another art post, so I went looking in my picture folder and found this drawing of Wonder Woman. She's always been my favorite superhero and obviously one I enjoy drawing. Her costume has had a few redesigns over the years (we won't talk about the leather jacket---harrrumph), and this outfit is from the "silver age" (50s and 60s).

When Princess Diana was originally introduced to the world, she wore a star-spangled skirt, but it was quickly replaced by a pair of long shorts more befitting her rather active lifestyle of leaping tall buildings and chasing after bad guys. That was still in the golden age, though. In the silver age, a lot of "origin" stories came out--besides a retelling of how Wonder Woman came to our world and decided to fight crime, there were even stories of how she earned the different parts of her costume, such as the eagle, the stars, etc.

I think it might have been this return to her mythological roots that led to a redesign of her footwear, which had been high-heeled boots. They were replaced by sandals with long laces that criss-crossed her lower legs and seemed more Greco-Roman (despite being bright red). She also still had the tiara that encircled her whole head; the next redesign would see that tiara become an arc rather than a circlet, so it could go under her luxuriant hair instead of holding it down. Also so she could use it--as a boomerang!

Another example of my original comic art:

Image is my original artwork. The character of Wonder Woman is (c) DC Comics, Inc.

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