Thursday, January 22, 2015

Batgirl + Black Canary = Bat Canary

This is an original comic art illustration I did in my line of "Hybrid Heroes", in which I take two different superheroes and mash them together. I am a big fan of DC Comics, and those of you who are also familiar with the characters will recognize the blue, bat-eared cape, gold utility belt, Batarang and distinctive boots of the classic, Barbara-Gordon-era Batgirl, combined with the leather jacket, bustier-topped bodysuit, fishnets and blonde hair of DC's Black Canary, although I made Black Canary's bodysuit "Batgirl grey", and I incorporated Black Canary's choker necklace into Batgirl's cape (it's all about details!). These two superheroes combine to make none other than--Bat Canary!

Bat Canary uses a sonic cry not only to disable opponents, but also for echolocation! She rides a motorcycle, of course, and with both a cape AND a leather jacket, she never gets cold in those fishnets! I liked this character so much, I used my illustration as an avatar and wrote under the name Bat Canary for a while, until I had to get a little more serious and go with a more realistic byline.

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Artwork is my original, colored ink and colored pencil on bristol board. Batgirl and Black Canary characters are copyright DC Comics, Inc, but Bat Canary is all me :) Click to enlarge!

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