Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Cover Design, Part Three: Final Art...or Not

Continued from Part Two :

The client approved the comprehensive sketch with no changes, so I produced it in the final medium, colored ink with colored pencil accent. Since there were no changes, I was able to use the original pen and ink drawing (from which I made the photocopies in Part One) and add the color to that. However, after the finished artwork was submitted, the client wondered if it wouldn't be too much trouble to change the format of the triptych slightly. Where I'd had diagonal transitions, the client wanted vertical transitions.

It WAS kind of a pain to make changes, especially because the deadline didn't leave me a lot of time to redo the piece from scratch. However, since only a scan of the work was going to submitted and not the physical copy, I knew I could actually cut the board itself to reconfigure the illustration. After a bit of literal cut-and-paste, the final piece was submitted...and approved!

Artwork is my original. To see how it compares to the original sketch, see Part One:

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