Thursday, March 5, 2015

Book Cover Design, Part Two: The Mockup

After producing my comp sketch , I wanted to show how I would use it as part of the book cover. The client wanted a simple book cover that wouldn't be tricky to print, so I used black type on a plain white background, centering the triptych illustration across the middle and set off with a red border.

A "mockup" helps a client see how the final illustration will look within the finished project. Mockups for book covers will normally involve placement and typesetting, which is of course quite easy now that a computer can be used, with hundreds of different font styles and sizes. It used to be an artist had to use transfer lettering, laboriously applied, and before that, hand-lettering was required!

Do you like the way the comp sketch appears on the cover of the book? Do you think the client liked the illustration itself, and also the design for the cover?

Let's go see what happens in Part Three!

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