Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Little Angels" Craft Project - Cheap Christmas Gift Idea

These are pictures of my craft project, "Little Angels", in progress. To decorate this plaque, I found a plastic candy mold that had little angel faces and bodies, but instead of using it to mold chocolates, I mixed up some plaster of paris and poured into the molds to make a little girl and boy angel and an angel face. When the plaster dried, I popped the forms out of the mold and painted them with acrylic paint.

To make the plaque itself, I used a piece of wood that I had cut to length (I purchased a larger piece and had several small pieces cut) at a hardware store, but you could also purchase a pre-made, unfinished plaque at a crafts store. I painted a blue sky background and added clouds with acrylic paint. I painted clouds for the boy and girl angels to sit on, and glued down the plaster angels in place. I put hangers on the back of the plaque, and now it is ready to be developed further. I could either use small hooks to make it a key holder, or larger hooks to let it hold towels or jackets. I also left space to personalize it with names or with a saying.

These plaques take a little while to make, but they are a lot of fun! You can find reusable candy molds of many different designs in most craft stores, and plaster of paris is a very inexpensive material--you can mix as much or as little as you want. It takes several steps to assemble a plaque like this, but it is very inexpensive. This is a great Christmas gift idea, isn't it? Everyone loves a handmade gift, especially one that is especially made for them. I think a child would love to have a personalized hanger for his or her jacket or bag.

My own photos - click to enlarge!

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