Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"The Miracle of Completion" - A Christmas Poem

'Twas a week before Christmas, and I sat here, amazed;

I thought I'd be busy; I thought I'd be crazed!

But if you can believe it, all my stuff has been done!

Not one thing's unfinished! Not one single one!

The cards were done early,

Shopping was a breeze,

The gifts are all wrapped up as neat as you please.

But the thing that amazes and shocks me the most

Is--well, I don't want it to sound like a boast--

But: The portraits are done! Every single last one!

And that last one--a pastel--it really was fun!

There was one of eight people--aunts, cousins and nieces

(I worked from a pic that was falling to pieces)

There was one of six ladies who all work together

From three different photos; I wondered if whether

I'd get them all finished-it made me perspire!

I figured I'd run it right down to the wire

(I've done that before, and it's really not fun.)

But I'm happy to say that MY CRAP IS ALL DONE!!!

Image is of the pastel portrait I did--and yes, you got me--I wrote this years ago (you can see the date in the corner of the picture). Still a nice seasonal bit, innit? It's all accurate, anyway--the falling-apart family photograph and the group portrait from three different photographs were done for the same Christmas as this bridal picture and are very typical of things that I have to deal can see why I enjoyed doing the pastel bridal portrait the most, but even that one was consolidated from two or three different reference photos! 


  1. Your artwork absolutely amazes me and your poetry amuses me :) I need to wrap presents, too, but my order has been delayed, so I don't even have half my stuff yet! Talk about down to the wire...

  2. I didn't know that you were an artist. You do beautiful work!