Sunday, August 16, 2015

September is Coming Soon! Original Pen and Ink Illustration

I drew the above illustration for a calendar printed for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to give to blood donors. I did the entire calendar, from cover to cover, and I will be featuring different illustrations from it. The Director of the Blood Donor Center told me that it was one of their most popular incentives and that the entire print run of 500 was completely given away during that month! They saved a copy and put it in the hospital archives, and I was stunned and delighted by the honor.

This page is for September, and I tried to capture the spirit of the month by illustrating the traditions of back-to-school (with the books and the paper lunch bag on the right) and also the start of football season, both in schools and on the professional field. I drew this with crowquill pen and ink on smooth-surface bristol board. I hope you enjoy it!

Image my original work. Click to enlarge for detail!

More of my original art:

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