Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Make People Cry, and I Like It

I have made probably three dozen people cry in my lifetime and felt really good about it. Felt proud, as a matter of fact. Most of them were total strangers, but some of them were even people in my own family. I've made my sisters cry, my dad cry, and even my brother-in-law. Made 'em all cry, and it was wonderful.

What am I, some kind of sadist? How come I like making people cry?

Well, what I am is actually a portrait artist, and what makes people cry is joy. The joy of seeing a beloved family member or pet who has passed away immortalized in a beautiful piece of art, to live on forever in a way that a photograph can't really capture. I've done many memorial portraits over the years, and I have had the joy of presenting people with them and being there when they get struck by that sweet pain that causes happy tears to cover and soothe the feeling of loss. I consider it a wonderful honor to be able to do this.

So yes, it brings me a lot of joy to make people cry!

Image is my own artwork

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